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Outdoor, rustic wedding in Tampa. Is it possible?

Hello all,

I've always dreamed of getting married underneath a big oak tree or being surrounded by trees somehow. I live in Tampa, Florida so the majority of the outdoor venues are on the beach... and I do not want anything remotely related to the beach.

So I've been looking for venues in the Tampa, Sarasota and Orlando area that would fit a large (approx 250-300 people), rustic, good ole Southern family wedding with lots of trees for the outdoor ceremony.

I'm not sure if my dream can be made a reality. Does anyone know of any outdoor wedding venues that would fit what I'm lookin for?

My fiance and I are going to look at Lange Farm (http://www.thelangefarm.com/) next weekend, but I don't want to be limited to just one place.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks :)
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Re: Outdoor, rustic wedding in Tampa. Is it possible?

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