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Cost of a Tent for a big wedding?

I'm looking into the option of an outdoor wedding at my fiance's parents home. We are considering a large, and therefore, probably expensive wedding (200-300 people), so would like to save money in every way possible (well, almost). So we thought maybe an outdoor wedding would help with reducing the costs. Does anyone know whether that is true? Also, how much would a tent (plus renting eveything else, inlcuding, tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, etc) may cost for 200-300 people for a summer//fall wedding? We also want a large dance floors because we are dancers and want to invite friends that are dancers as well.

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Re: Cost of a Tent for a big wedding?

  • I'm in SC, so not sure if the prices would be the same, the 30x40 tent we are getting is $720. but we are only using it for the ceremony. So i'm sure you would need a much bigger tent.
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  • our invite list is around 225 our tent is $1200 tables are $5 for 5' round holds 7-9 people we're going with the square option that is 2 6' tables together for $10 for the 2 tog. and it holds 12 people so I'll have more room for getting around and DJ and dance floor. also not having to do as many centerpieces.Our tent is 30x60. depending on what size dance floor our choices are 16x12 for$125, 16x16 for $166, 20x16 for $250, or 24x20 for $315...our chairs are the white garden chairs for $1.50 each..our linens i've decided to buy because to rent its only $3.00 cheaper for each set and if 8 buy them then we can sell them after wedding you can ask and see who uses what for linens but i just went to efavormart.com to get prices since thers so many different choices.so as far as is an outdoor wedding cheaper? IMO no because most venues around here anyway, include atleast tables and chairs if not linens also! but I'm on a $7,000 budget, its small for everything I want and the look I want, but I found out real quick that vendors want your busimess so they will negotiate! I hope this helps Im also in Indiana so I would call your local event rental place...they should give you a free quote on everything you want. good luck!..
  • I am having an outside wedding in July and just got the prices for all of those things you mentioned. It's not any cheaper...just fyi! Mine was about $5,000 for tents, chairs, tables, linens, dance floors, etc.  I am in Indy; I went through Party Time Rental (Amanda) is great...so hopefully that helps you! Good luck planning.
  • We were condidering having an outdoor wedding but after considering prices we decided otherwise. We are still having our ceremony outside at my aunts house, we live in a midsized midwest town so I am not sure if prices would be the same. For a tent we would pay 240 dollars for 120 people for chairs only and 2 dollars per chair. If you call a local rental company they will be able to tell you how big of a tent you would need for that many people to be seated and such.
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  • We had a completely at-home wedding and the cost was comparrable, if not more, than what we would have paid at a regular venue (we did a lot of price checking before deciding on the at-home wedding).  That said, the cost was worth it because having it at-home made more meaningful for us.  You can cut costs in lots of areas (we cut in flowers, cake, some other small things) but you need to consider that if you have it at-home you have to bing in EVERYTHING.  Most rental companies can arrange all this for you, especially if they work with your caterer. 

    It was absolutely worth it for us in the end, so you just have to figure out what you can afford, and what will be the best for you.
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