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Sound System? Microphones, Speakers

So what are you guys doing or what did you do for your out door sound system? And did you have piano outside for the music (or will you)? Will/Did the piano get amplified?

Re: Sound System? Microphones, Speakers

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    I am not sure whether piano musicians would do this as well but we are having a musician play the guitar for our outdoor wedding, and he brings all of his own aplification equipment, including a wireless microphone for the officiant.  He said that he prefers the venue to have some access to some electical outlet (he will bring over 1,000 of extension cords), which our venue does, but even if there was no electricity access he said he could still bring a back-up battery power supply.  If you are concerned about the sound system I would definately check with your musician to see what they can provide.  If not you could probably rent a sound system and generator from a party supply rental company.
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  • Usually the sound systems only require one standard plug outlet...make sure to check with the musician though.

    I was originally goin gto have an acoustic guitar player, but am thinking about getting a keyboard.  Luckily I'l have seperate power for the ceremony and another for the reception for the DJ.
  • Most professional musicians will have their own amps and most locations have electrical sockets outdoors.  We borrowed a sound system from my church.  You may be able to rent one.
  • We borrowed a sound system and a wireless lapel mic for our officiant from DH's parents church. We used an ipod for our ceremony and our reception so we didn't have to deal with live instruments. If we had had live music we probably wouldn't have mic'd it and I would expect a live band to bring their own sound equipment.
  • Our ceremony is going to take place in a similar area to where the dance will be, so our DJ (a friend) is going to set up the wireless mic.  We are having a harpist for the music, I'm not sure how she amplifies is, but she'll probably be on the side of the seats so I think it may be ok without any amps.
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