Outdoor Weddings

MA, CT, NH, RI New England people--- I can't find the right venue---???????

I'm looking for an outdoor wedding on a lawn preferably, within a close enough distance to the ocean that you could probably see it (but definitely smell it and taste the salt air).  The problem is, My fiance would love to have a place that has an indoor area for the reception.

Do you know of any facilities that are quasi-reasonable that are located on cliffs or areas near the ocean but also have an indoor room?  It would be perfect if the indoor room opened up to the outside. 

We're definitely in trouble here because we're shooting for $10,000 or less (willing to go up for the right place), but we just got engaged and would like to get married this august. yeesh.

I was even considering just finding some place and brining in my own caterer so we could do a brunch wedding... aggggggggg the stress!

Thanks for any help you have.Embarassed
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