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Choosing a bouquet. Lots of PIP

I was so set on having a really dark bouquet with black baccara roses, burgundy dahlias or dark calla lilies, but now I'm not so sure. I still love all of them, but I also know I want lots of green in my bouquet. I made a mock-up of a cascading bouquet for my gown try-on, and I'm glad I did. Green looks awesome with my gown!

Our new colors are black, white, and green because I'm going to be using a lot of mint, ferns, and succulents in the wedding decor, and i can't afford to outfit the whole wedding with flowers.

Here's the mock-up at my gown try-on. It's some plastic greenery and fake dahlias.

Super romantic green, huh? I love it. I just need to figure out the rest, and figure what will make my bouquet so green.

I have always LOVED this bouquet.

and isn't this just amazing?! just add a little more green, and the succulents and calla lilies still make me squeal a little.

I also love these...sweet peas. My grandmother passed a few years ago, and all of us grandchildren were really close to her. She didn't have a bouquet on her wedding day until someone picked a handful of sweet peas for her. I get goosebumps when I think of how sweet that is. I am going to get these dark sweet peas from our local cutting garden that always has them in the summer. My florist is going to add them to my bouquet for me.

Here's some more bouquets that I love, and I realize that if I use color in my bouquet my bridesmaids (or just one maid of honor) can have a lovely green bouquet.

I did my florist research when I was planning like crazy before we post-poned and chose this florist. I think they will be able to pull off the look I want.
Avant-Garde Florist

So tell me ladies...what do you think would look best with my gown out of these things that I have mentioned and pictured?
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