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We might have an officiant...and other progress :)

I have a lot of updates. Sorry this is so long. I will include pictures to make up for it! :)

I called her today after searching for an officiant that is open to handfastings, and she called me right back (while my daughter was throwing a little, fun!). We talked for a while and she let me know about all kinds of venues (some free) and a really affordable florist. Her fee is $150 which is very much in our budget (hooray!) and I'm calling her tomorrow to make an appointment for Chris and I to meet with her. She lives just a few miles away from us..

We are also going to check out a venue tomorrow. It's supposedly VERY rustic. I'm worried there's no electricity. It's called the "wedding woods", but the downfall is it's $750 which is a bit steep for a venue if it doesn't have electricity. We're going to look anyway.

I'm also considering grange halls and an old schoolhouse for a venue, but it all depends on price and whether they allow alcohol. This will not be a dry wedding!

Other great things that are happening...

I went and tried on my gown again. I only owe $98 plus alterations. I found a ton of loose strings on the top of my gown, and I need to go talk to the shop owner in person to deal it. My necklace looks stunning with my gown =)

I've also decided that I'm going to get a bolero to wear with my gown. I will feel too naked without one. It's a comfort thing for me.

My garter set came in. I'm not completely stoked about them. It's probably because I'm such a perfectionist. For an "heirloom quality" garter set I expect them to be PERFECT. I'm not saying they aren't beautiful, because they are.

My ring is ready to be picked up! I will finally be able to try it on and not have it dangle.

Chris found a vest that he loves. It's from Gentlemen's Emporium. He also wants to get a bowler hat and maybe some wing tip shoes, but he has really wide feet. It's hard to find his shoe size.

We found an adorable flower girl dress, and we're thinking we should just buy it and stick it in the closet until we need it. I also took pictures (with my phone) of our matching necklaces. I know, I know...matching necklaces are too cutesy, but they are so pretty.

Here's some pictures of what we are thinking about picking up for the wedding

Bolero options...the first one is more satin.

This one is silk, and twice the price of the first one. I could also get it without the flowers.

Some handsome shoes. These might not happen because it's so hard to find his size, but we love them.

Black bowler hat

Extremely affordable and stunningly beautiful flower girl dress! I would have to buy one to fit her next year.

Our mother/daughter necklaces.

So that's it for right now. :)

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