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Southern Carribean Cruise vs. Anguilla/St. Maarten or St. Lucia

Hi everyone,

Hubby and I are planning our 1-year/honeymoon  (one-eymoon?) for July 2012. I found a 7-night cruise out of Puerto Rico, stopping in St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Barbados, and St. Lucia. It seems so wonderful, however which researching what to do in St. Maarten, I found a suggestion to visit Anguilla. I looked up Anguilla and it looks amazing! I have at least 9 hours at each island (8am-5pm) however that still doesn't seem like enough to get in time in Anguilla and St. Maarten at that port. In addition, St. Lucia is also a place I feel we may end up wanting more than just a day at.

 In short, I'm now unsure of whether we should just book the cruise, or instead stay at either St. Lucia or Anguilla/St. Maarten for 7 days.  Can anyone provide their opinion or experience on any of these places? As some additional info, we are both 25 yrs old, no children, and would like a place with some relaxing, but also land and sea adventure.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Southern Carribean Cruise vs. Anguilla/St. Maarten or St. Lucia

  • I've always wanted to do a southern caribbean cruise, I love the idea of seeing lots of different places!
  • Hi there!
    My FI proposed to me on that same cruise this past March. It was the best trip ever and seeing all the islands was awesome. It was a little fast pasced but a great way to really get the feel of what you like.

    If you want to feel like youve seen the carribean in 7 days do the cruise. Each island has it's own personality and taking excursions is the best way to get a feel for it. Plus all your meals are included in the cruise cost...very good way to save.

    If you want the relax and not really move a muscle try staying at one island. We though St. Maarten was super fun and lively as well as St. Lucia.

    Surprisingly we had a really great time in Puerto Rico. We got there about4 days before the cruise and you can do anything your heart dreams of there. Rainforests, beaches, snorkeling, caves, etc. It was nice that it was still US terriortory for credit cards, cell phones etc. BUT it felt like another world at the same time.

    Hope that helps...if you have any more questions about any of the islands or what I reommend just send me a private message or email me at tiggy85 @ gmail

    Congrats & take care!
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  • I'm actually taking that same curuise in aug 2012.  So I'm glad to hear it was good tiggy.  I'm very excited!  I lived in Puerto Rico when I was younger and I agree if possible give yourself a few days either before or after in PR. So many great things to see.  That's what we are doing either 3 or 4 days after the cruise we are are staying to see PR.  A criuse is a great way to see a lot of places, and exicting to be at a new island almost every day.  I think with both options you can either be very active and do lots of stuff or relax and do nothing. But cruises food is included that's always a plus if you are on a budget.
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