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bridal shower game quotes...

Here are the things I was saying while opening the presents. My sister wrote them down and then read them outloud as the "things I would say on our wedding night"
"Things Andra said while opening presents (and what she's going to say on her wedding night)

These are so cute
I was hoping I'd get this
Is that booby tape?
Blister blocker!
Here it is!
It goes like that
I don't think I can get this off without ripping this so sorry scott we're having triplets
Its hard opening presents and keeping my legs closed
I am so excited!
Everyone look!
My boobs are obscene
Ahh thats pretty, me likey
Oh my god, I'm afraid to touch them
My boobs are out for everyone
Oh this is fun stuff
Oh man
He's so excited
Hottie whistle!
I can't even blow, poor Scott
Is it a hot train?
My thighs are going to hurt trying to keep my legs closed
Oh yeah!
A dutch oven? Scott gives me those
Oh wait till you see this one
Scott you came at a good time!
I feel like I'm flashing everyone
What a big box
It slides!"

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