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Heard anything about this MUA?

I'm thinking about booking my hair and makeup with Anna Wark. I had a trial with one of her stylists a couple weeks ago and loved what she did. Anna and her work together at weddings. Have you girls heard anything (good or bad)? I won't be in FL until later this year (Nov/Dec) so thinking about just booking them now. Thanks in advance!

Re: Heard anything about this MUA?

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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I haven't heard of her. Have you read any reviews on Wedding Wire or elsewhere? If you were happy and feel confident in her abilities, go with her!

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    naani1326naani1326 member
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    i havent heard of her either.try googling her or facebooking the company. I am using Alore Ink, they where the ones who qouted me the best price and whos work i liked the most. www.aloreink.com good luck :)
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