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Which one should I choose?

Hi Knotties!

Hope everyone is well!

My fiance and I just got back from a whirlwind meeting vendor weekend in Miami, and I think we have narrowed down our photographer choices to two people: Hazel R and Alain Martinez.

Does anyone have an opinion about one or the other they can share? Any information will be much appreciated!


Re: Which one should I choose?

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    Alain is my photographer and while I haven't had my wedding yet, he has been AMAZING in coming up with new and creative ideas for our e-pics and wedding pics. I've had 3 friends use him in the past year alone and they were beyond happy with the photos.  One of my friends even has to order an extra album because she could narrow down her selection of pictures.


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    I haven't used either but Alain is absolutely amazing.

    I know someone who has used Hazel R too, and highly recommends her! Her work is great too

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    I'm not sure about Hazel, but Alain's work is amazing! He was my #2 pick
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    I am using Alain, his work is amazing and he has a great personality that FI and I clicked with. That was our major thing someone we connected with so the pictures come out good and we feel comfortable in front of them. I did not meet with or look at Hazel's work so I can not tell you about her.
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    I met with Hazel and her husband and saw their amazingly fantastic work! If I could afford her, I so would!

    I think she is amazing!! I don't know about Alain, but from above posts it seems like he is too. So you have a tough choice.

    Hazel was and still is at the top of my list... except my pocket stepped in and we had a fight and the pocket won... lol

    Sounds like whichever you choose, you can't go wrong. Best of luck!
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