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Hello ladies....

I have finally come to peace with my invitation design (I'm DIY them) and I realize that I need to find a place that sells stamps......I want old school stamps in all sizes, colors, and denominations and the post office is not much help. Does anyone know of a store where I could buy stamps (postage) and face or close to face value? I know I could find them online, but the selection might be random so I thought I would give an actual store a shot first....

However, if anyone knows of a great online source for stamps, please let me know as well!!!

Note: I'm not looking to personalize the stamps with pictures or my own design. I just want old school regular (not used!) stamps...


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    efontefont member
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    I'm sorry I really don't know where you could find that. Sounds like a great idea though. Good luck!

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    I did a google search for vintage stamps and this company came up. I've never heard of them or used them so I would suggest calling before placing an order. thepapernickel.com Let us know how this turns out! GL. :)
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    mrsmustard12mrsmustard12 member
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    I ended up finding my vintage stamps for my STDs on ebay.  I believe the sellers names were garciasinsd and atijewelry.  Good luck!

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