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Teeny Tiny Vent

Why are vendors so busy during the holidays?! (joke, I totally know why)

Everyone I call tells me how busy it's been for them and everything needs to wait until January! Hello my wedding is February 4th and you are to stop EVERYTHING you are doing to meet with me and answer my questions! lol

How annoying! Worst part is that holiday parties even occur on weekdays!

In other news... MY RSVPS ARE COMING IN!!! No problems to date, lets hope it stays that way!

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Re: Teeny Tiny Vent

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    Haha! I'm the same way as you! I'd be irritated but what can we do? lol!

    And hooray for the RSVPs!! 

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    Actually this makes me feel a lot better cause I've been having some issues getting in contact with vendors who are usually super responsive and was starting to freak a bit! I'll calm down now and call after the 1st.
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    Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean! The venue coordinator is on vacay from last week to Jan 3rd. I made an apt. for Jan 3rd of course but I hate leaving everything to January too! Guess we should have known this!

    So fun getting RSVPs! I haven't had any issues at all either (fingers crossed!).
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