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Sorry MIA!!! Update! Help! Advice please!

Sorry I've been so MIA ladies.  My ticker is winding down and I'm going crazy!!! In the meantime, I've been off and on with the bank because we have a joint account, our own individual accounts, and a wedding account...ALL of which were compromised during the 4th of July weekend!!! AHHHH!!! Can you say FREAKING OUT!!?!?!?!?! 

Then I tried calling the banks, but guess what???? Of course they were closed for the holiday.  :c/  We're still trying to resolve everything now. 

Please HELP!!! I am still in need of:
* wedding shoes (size 8.5)
* wedding jewelry
* BM gifts and GM gifts
* Location for e-pics
* Recommendations for Groom's cake (we're getting our cake from Cake Designs By Edda)
* florist

Any advice is greatly appreciated. 
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Re: Sorry MIA!!! Update! Help! Advice please!

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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    So sorry to hear about your bank accounts!! I hope you get it straightened out ASAP. As far as your list, I'd check Etsy for jewelry and BM/GM gifts (maybe something off the Knot shop for the boys if you can get it shipped in time!). As far as shoes.. What are you looking for?? Be sure to check out your local Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx, etc. Sometimes they have cute shoes for cheap! Or a good, reliable place for shoes is always Nordstrom! Location of e-pics: from what I remember you're in one of the southern counties, right? Vizcaya is absolutely beautiful and is my 2nd choice for e-pics. I also think the Spanish Monestary in Miami would be pretty too! Is there a reason you can't get the grooms cake from Edda? Seems like the easiest option! Finally, and I can't remember if you met with them or not but Dream Makers is my current top pick for a florist. GL and welcome back!

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    ucfandreaucfandrea member
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    For a grooms cake try www.sugarsweetdreamscakecompany.com....Adriana is a friend and her designs are awesome...think Ace of Cakes awesome!

    For BM gifts, try the Coach outlet at Sawgrass...the wristlets there are WAY affordable...you may even be able to spring for a pair of earrings, too.

    My Florist is Marcia with  Beautiful Kreations.  She is super nice and totally willing to work with any budget.  Check out her work at www.beautifulkreations.com

    HTH & GL!
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