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Have anyone out there used EXQUISITED PRODUCTIONS?

Re: Have anyone out there used EXQUISITED PRODUCTIONS?

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    Oh my... I should have read this lol I just asked you in your other post who you were using for this same reason!!! I am using them but I haven't seen any reviews about their catering. I hear they are very professional and great DJs but the catering part must be somethin new they are doing because the reviews aren't out there. E-mail me! [email protected] :)
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    I think they use to be only music production and they are now doing both music and catering. I haven’t found any reviews either, but I have to tell you that so far my experience with them as been great. In fact we had our food tasting on Wednesday and everything was delicious. What I have noticed so far is that they pay attention to details and I really like that. They just had a wedding at Douglas and showed me pictures, everything looked great!
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