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Lots of Checks!!!

Hey Ladies,I have really reduced the size of my to-do list in the past few weeks!I booked Gil Sosa for flowers a while back... during our tasting at the hotel he brought samples and THEY WERE AWESOME.  I actually got "ditched" by anouther flourist before booking Gil... and I am so glad I got ditched!!!!I booked Marty Reinhardt for my videographer... he was super nice over the phone and perfect for our budget.We set up the tux rentals at Sacino's, AND as a result we get discounted invititations.  The tuxes are awesome... they are two-button, black on black stripe with dark gold herribone vests and dark gold ties.We have ordered our invitations, and I really like them... nothing like what I thought we would have!  They are Carlson Craft and are very simple ivory with chocolate lettering.  They have an ivory ribbon but we are shopping around for something that makes a bit more of a statement to use instead!We decided to go with Edda's for our cake... and best of all.. there was no up-charge!  We were able to get a cake with both square and round layers with small gold bead accents!Bridesmaid dresses were selected and ordered!  They are Bill Levkoff styles 966 and 602... I think the girls are pretty happy with them too!and I feel like there were a few more things, but can't remember right now!Thanks for letting me share!Tyler

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