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FI is sick. As in "Emergency Room" sick.

He called me this morning to tell me he couldn't make it pick up my friend from the airport and he sounded like he was about to die. I got so worried, I started blabbering questions and getting ready like a maniac to go see him.He hadn't slept all night. Every 20 minutes he'd wake up and vomit. Fever and stuffy nose, plus a bad case of diarrhea. My mum and I almost freaked out because that sounded like ... swine flu.His mum said at first that she would wait until tomorrow to see if she had to take him to the doctor. I went all WTF and told him that after I picked my friend from MIA, I'd take him myself. Mommy in law ended up taking him to the doctor, because he was just in such a bad shape.At the doctor they gave him a shot to stop the vomits and loose stomach, that would knock him out for 3 hours and after said time, when he woke up, if he wasn't retaining liquid, he was to be sent straight to the emergency room for an IV that would help him not get dehydrated.He also got tested for swine flu (and they said "It looks like it ... but we'll see), and we won't know the final answer till Monday. As of now, he's sleeping and a bit better after the shot, he's drinking more water and trying to stomach crackers. But it breaks my heart.I'll see him tomorrow morning, and the only reason I'm not there by his side is that both my mum and his mum are all "YOU COULD CATCH IT!" to which I replied "I don't care."So please, ladies, if you could spare a small prayer for him, I'd greatly appreciate it. And for me, since I might catch it, cause there's no way I'm not seeing him till Monday :|

Re: FI is sick. As in "Emergency Room" sick.

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