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Hi ladies!  I usually post on my local NY board but I need help from the South Florida ladies.  I think we've pretty much decided my bachelorette party will take place in Miami and I'm SOOOOO excited.My MOH is busy researching hotels, etc.  But I thought I post on here to see what places you ladies suggest.  We want fun but not absolute break the bank type of places, kwim?TIALaura

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    Not sure what your budget is or how many girls you are coming with but my best friend came down for a bachelorette party a few months ago and they rented a place right on Ocean Drive. They got two apts in the same building and each one slept like 6 or 8 people and they were really really nice!They were able to save some money by cooking at the apt one night and drinking at the place some before going out each night... not paying hotel premium prrices...  they were right there at the beach where everything is. May be worth a look. If interested in something like this check out Cyberrentals.com. THey have awesome places....
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