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Hey! I just saw your post to me in the "Number of invites" post. I cannot believe you mentioned that crap about the reviews! How ironic! My MIL just told my FI about it and I checked the reviews out and was soooooo extremely pissed. To think that these tourist sh**heads complain that the public restroom's stall lock is broken or that their room's toilet didn't flush, pisses the crap out of me. I have a lot of fam coming in from out of town, and that's the last thing I need. The resort is AMAZING! Forget the rooms- the ballrooms speak for themselves. I am in the Starlight room all the way on the 18th floor, and it's all private... nothing will be going on on that floor besides my cocktail hour and reception. The view from my cocktail hour and reception room is UNBELIEVABLE! Beach on one side, city skyline on the other, intercoastal with the million dollar homes on the other. To top it off, the ceiling has tons of twinkly lights... It's grand. Check it out for yourself! Fabiola is the catering manager and she is so sweet! If you have any other questions, let me know!

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    HEY!! :)Thanks!Man. Thanks for this. I figured it was awesome. Oh well - screw the complaints. I'm sure your guests won't look up reviews. I mean, they trust you over strangers. They know you won't invest in something not worth it!I will def. check it out but I'm in NY and planning long distance *sigh*  We were going with the Marriott but I'm trying to squeeze in one more option b/c I'm afraid our list will get so long that we won't be able to afford Marriott SOBE. GAH! Do you have pictures of your own that you took when visiting? Do you think you can send them to me (if you have) at lizbethruiloba  AT yahoo  DOT  COM?? Thaaanks...and to us brides!
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