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Bridal Shower Invites Help!

I need some help... I am going to be sending my bridal shower invites next week, BUT before i begin to print them out... should I follow the same etiquette as the weddind invites that says, anyone over 18years old should receive their own invite... or should I just send one invite to the bridal shower per house hold?What do you ladies suggest?thanks Gaby

Re: Bridal Shower Invites Help!

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    zobo410zobo410 member
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    I think you should put specific names on it. A lot of bridal showers only include older women, not young ones.
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    oyepoohoyepooh member
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    If you have enough invites, follow etiquette.  If not, don't sweat it and just list their names on the envelope (assuming they live at the same address).
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