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How to Post links to pictures?

Hi Ladies,I am trying to figure out how to post my pictures on here from Boudoir session, Can someone give me a hand? Thx!

Re: How to Post links to pictures?

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    Courtney has some tips in her bio. Basically if you want to just upload one or two images (it is kind of annoying if you have a bunch) Here are the steps: 1. go to http://www.tinypic.com/2. Upload image3. Copy the code where it says IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards4. Paste into a post5. Replace the caps it has to be img not IMGIF you have a bunch the I think maybe photobucket might be the easiest, or create a weebly site.Good luck, we want to see those pics!
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    Thanks so much your help. I am going to attempt it, wish me luck! LOL.
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