Non-strenuous HM activities

My FI and I are leaving for our HM the day after our wedding (next Sunday) and headed down to Cabo.  We have never been 'lay on the beach' type of travelers and already had several adventure tours booked/planned including a dolphin swim, kayak/snorkel trip, scuba diving, ATV tour, etc.

Well yesterday, my FI got hit on his motorcycle and dislocated his right shoulder.  Luckily that's all that happened (scared the hell out of me though to get a call from the fire dept telling me they were taking him to the ER), but since he'll be in a sling now for several weeks, we have to re-think our HM activities, which I'm more than fine with, I'm just glad he's okay.

So any suggestions for non-strenuous activities?  We already have a sunset dinner/cocktail cruise planned, and a trip to the spa (they'll just have to avoid his shoulder), but anything else you can recommend?
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