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I really need your help.  There's a Thanksgiving deal going on so I have to act quickly.  We are booking through Nancy at MyIslandGettaways.com.  She seems great but does anyone have any advice about her?  So the gave us a pretty good price on Sandals Regency.  I'd love to do St. Lucia Grande but it's just way out of price range.  I need complete honesty about the St. Lucia Regency and St. Lucia in general.  What the beach like?  The resort itself?  I don't want to feel like the Grande is where it's at and I'm a second class citizen at the Regency.  The room is the Grande Lux Ocean View - so anything on that would be especially great.  I really appreciate all the help!!!

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    we are going to the Grande for our anniversary.  My TA told me that the sale isn't going to end, so we are thinking about the prices.  I also heard the Regency does not have a nice beach and I am ALL about the beach.  Don't feel rushed into things....Sandals has sales all the time!
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    Yea and I hear the shuttle will take you to any of the other resorts at St. Lucia. Its only a 30 min ride and runs all day. I booked at Regency too for the same reason, price.  But I have a ways to go before I get there.  Maybe it won't be as crowded as the Grande? I think each resort probably as its pros and cons either way.
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    We actually just booked our St. Lucia honeymoon. We're staying at the Grande. We weighed the two options, and from what I hear, unless you can get one of the top rooms (with the butler and private pool and all that jazz), you're better off at the Grande. But, that's really from the standpoint that the beaches are better and all the rooms are pretty nice. I was told that at the Regency, you're not really sure what you're getting for the some of the lower to mid-level rooms.

    My FI's brother and sis-in-law went to St. Lucia and were at the Regency (this was maybe 3-4 yrs ago.) They said to go with the Grande, and they had one of those high level rooms.

    With our budget and with how much we looooove the beach, it just made sense for us to book at the Grande. We would have had to up our price by more than 1,000 to get a really amazing room at the Regency.

    But, yeah, it's kinda subjective and I was told both are pretty amazing. Plus, you can go to the beach and pools at all three of the sandals there.

    Good luck! Sorry for the long post, but these seem to help me.
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    We stayed at The Grande and loved it, but also went over to the Regency for two of the restaurants and thought that resort was also very dramtically charming. I would say they in all reality Sandals is always having sales.

    We also booked with Nancy from myislandgetaways.com and I never had to worry because if there was a better sale she always lowered our price to the best price and ultimately saved us money in so many ways. I would probably say whatever works best in your budget.
    I would do anything to be there right now. It was amazing.   
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