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Hey! Just saw your post!Our wedding is 12.20.09.I'm so glad you love it! I was so set on another venue in the beginning I went just in case and the other place ended up falling through....I guess everything happens for a reason!I think it's gorgeous as well and perfect for what we want for our wedding. So glad to hear that someone else thinks it great!!!

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    Hey! Well, you did GREAT...and you're not even a local :)Did someone recommend Bentley to you? What was the backup venue you booked?
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    My wedding planner found it somehow. My DREAM venue was The Atlantic hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. It's so gorgeous and we wanted to do the reception in their restaurant, but they wanted a ridiculous F&B minimum for 50 people and would only allow us to do a Monday. I looked at The Atlantic, The Bentley, The Hotel of South Beach, The Anglers Resort and was supposed to go to The Epic, but I ended up skipping that one. Check out The Anglers Resort....GORGEOUS!!! I wish someone on TK would have a wedding there. Thanks again love!
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