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July honeymoon destination suggestions?

I know this is a very broad topic...we really want to go to Maui but not so sure financially it is the right choice. Wednesday we meet with a travel agent to go over some various options. I was wondering if any one had suggestions. Originally, I was concerned about Carribean locations due to hurricaine season, but St. Croix and Antigua are places I've always wanted to visit. 

Basically, we want beaches with relaxation and quietness, but we're actve people-sorkeling, hiking to sightsee, etc as day activities as well as some nightlife are also important. We're NOT party animals, but to be able to dance under the stars with music blaring on a great summer night is what I envision when I think of our honeymoon! Another example-we LOVED our Key West vacation even though there wasn't a real beach.

Any suggestions, advice, recommendations, etc is greatly appreciated!

Re: July honeymoon destination suggestions?

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