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Labor Day weekend Checks

Hello Ladies Good morning Hope everyone had the day off!! Well i am thrilled to see that even on vacation i can Check some things off I went on a mini vacay to Hollywood Beach and i stumble upon Oakwood Plaza if i said it correctly and behold a MICHAELS!!! I went inside and came out with Wedding Stuff at the michaels by my house they didnt have the favor boxs that i was looking for. i saw it in this michaels and i bought them 200 boxes and also they had a ribbon sale 2 ribbons for 5 bucks so i got like 6 ribbons each with 20 yards of my colors: so in conclusion i got checked off: ribbon for invitations ribbon for favor boxs favor boxes but heres the schemen now i didnt have any coupons when i bought them so i'm gonna go to the michaels by my house and if they have it i'll return them and re buy it with the ones at the store and use the coupons that i got from online and the newspaper ITS BRILLANT BOHAHAHAHAHAHA

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