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I need to vent!

Ok, i really need to vent alittle. My moh is kinda bugging me. She is my best friend and i love her to death but OMG!!! My mom is planing my shower and paying for alot of the wedding. My mom works 2 jobs and doesnt have alot of time. So I asked my moh if she WANTED to call my mom and just see if she needs help with anything. Well she comes back with "I understand you want things done, but I work 5 days a week, iam pregnant and iam planning your bachorlett party cut me a brack".I understand that you work fulltime, so does everyone else. I understand shes pregnant iam not asking her to do alot just to see if maybe my mom needs help decorating, or picking up a cake nothing big. I just feel like everytime I ask her to do something she has an excuse as to why she cant do it. Sorry for making this long its just stressing me out. Theres only 2 months left till the big day. Iam getting stressed out.

Re: I need to vent!

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    Sadly, she seems to have a lot of her own stuff going on but be thankful for whatever she does help out with because there are even worse stories around here.  Can you maybe ask a BM or an aunt to help your mom out with those last minute details??And seriously, don't let this get you down.  You have a lot to be happy about.
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