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Please help!! Recently I won a contest for 200 custom postcards (up to 5x7) and I was planning on making menus. Problem is....I don't have a template to make them! Does anyone have any advice on how to make them? I use a Mac and I have the Mac version of Word but other than that, I'm clueless. I'm really good with Photoshop but I no longer have it since I don't have a PC. Any advice???

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    butting in excuse me exucuse i have a pc and i also need a menu template hope someone can help
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    LEX!! I won too!! AND I'm doing menus!! I was going to create mine but I found an etsy seller that is making it for $10 - if you want her info let me know! :)
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    They have photoshop for  Mac. Try to get a version of that.Honestly, templates get tricky. If not try martha stewart they have templates.HTH
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