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Check! DJ and upcoming checks!

Our wedding planning is heating up ... (and my work productivity is DROPPING :) FI just booked Shannon from Liquid DJs! Wohoo! Very exciting. Now we have all the major stuff: venue, photographer, DJ ... Next big item: officiant. Next week I'm coming into town for exactly 36 hours to do the menu tasting, cake tasting, and hopefully to meet some DOCs in order to pick one (to be scheduled, recommend your DOC to me if you have one). My girls are going to order their dresses next week too! Yipee! I've also ordered some samples for the invites. I'm considering doing a SUPER simple invite that I designed and printing it on my home printer on heavy linen white cardstock. The paper should be coming soon so I can test it out and see how that would work. But just in case I ordered some pocketfold samples from PapersandMore to compare. So exciting! Thanks so much for letting me share.

Re: Check! DJ and upcoming checks!

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