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Anyone been to "Let's Have Tea" for a bridal shower?

Someone recommended this restaurant as a place for my FSIL's bridal shower I am planning. They have a private room, give you hats, pearls, boas, etc to wear, and have an old English "tea." It sounds kind of neat and different, and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with it?http://www.letshavetearoom.com/index.htmlThe other restaurant a friend recommended is The Art and Design Cafe in Ft. Lauderdale. The bride is an artist and this sounds kind of neat, as each table is different and encased in a different type of curtain/they make little environments for each area, but not sure if they have a private room.Anyway, just fishing around for anyone who has been to either of these places to see what your opinion is. Thank you!

Re: Anyone been to "Let's Have Tea" for a bridal shower?

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    I have not been there but if you want a teat parlor, check out hidden tea secrets in parkland. I am having my shower there and also had my mom's 50th bday there - everyone LOVED it and the food is excellent. I have pics in my bio.
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