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Okay sushi... since you feel left out I want to make a suggestion in case you decide to try it again someday. LOL...I cannot have sushi unless it is dipped in EEL SAUCE! (Delicious) and another must have is SPICY MAYO!! Mmmm-mmm-good!!  Have you tried these sauces? Eel sauce makes everything okay. <3HTH! :)

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    hiiiii honey!!   SO funny you say Eel Sauce, I tried it last night! It was actually good!! I think the handrolls (seawood) and regular sushi rolls make me gag because of the texture. Something is wrong with me. I did like the fresh tuna (but JUST the fish) dipped in soy sauce. I'm such a picky eater. thank you!! i may try again - one day - far, far away. My FI, sister & BIL eat it all the time - I'm so left out! you're the best xo
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    lol... i know how you feel. I hate places where people drink loads of beer because I HATE it...and then I feel so lonelyyyyy. :'(
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