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Marriage License Question?!?!

Hey Ladies:So...my fiance and I are thinking (most likely) of going to get married through the court this upcoming week.  BUT I was wondering if someone could tell me the exact process from going to court through receiving the copies of our license.... PRETTY PLEASE I really need to know, so we can plan accordingly.I miss knotting - my new job keeps me off the knot... UGH!!!TIA - Knottie Love,Nicole
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Re: Marriage License Question?!?!

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    http://www.miami-dadeclerk.com/DadeCOC/MLB_Application_Info.aspThis link should help. There is a short form that you fill out online first. The fees are also listed on this site.HTH :o)
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    If one or both of you are from FL you have to go and fill out the paperwork 3 days prior to actually getting married. I think if you take a pre-marital course you can get married immediately. Once you have the ceremony at the court house you will get a signed and sealed copy of the license (that day). You can also order other copies (typed, not hand written) through the court's website. HTH!
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