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The dress

So this weekend I went dress hunting with one of my friend's Fiance's. She wanted everyone's opinion on what looked good on her. Well, as she tried on dresses, the woman taking care of her, brings out "my dress" for her to try on. My heart sank. At this point do I tell her "NO!! That's my dress you can't have it!"? I decided not to say anything. She tried it on, and it looked nice on her, but I was horrified inside. Luckly, one of my other friends was there and she said, "You know, that's Marilin's dress". My mouth was like :-O, no no, I haven't bought it, so technically its not mine. I mean, I love how it looks but I'm not sure. At that point everyone was like omg! try it on I want to see!!. I turned all shades of red, and gave in to trying it on. When I walked out, all the girls said, "YES! That is YOUR Dress!" That is all the confirmation I needed! I'm def going to get this dress. I <3 it. Thanks for letting me share. :)

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