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Cake Tasting, Photographer, and then Court

I have alot to do today!  I am off this week so I am trying to get wedding checks done.First we have my cake tasting with Elite Creations.  Then we are meeting with the photographer.  Last we have to go to court.  Someone hit my car back in June by making a right hand turn from the left hand lane.  What an idiot I was neck and neck with him so I was not in his blind spot.  FI hurt his shoulder and had to have surgery as a result.  He is still in PT for it.  So this idiot has his day in traffic court and I don't want to have it thrown out so FI and I will be there.  Hopefully the cop shows up.  This guys insurance company still owes us for all the medical stuff and FI time out of work (so far two months).Can't wait for this to be behind us!! 
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Re: Cake Tasting, Photographer, and then Court

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