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So we bought a mattress, the sales clerk ordered the wrong one. I called and asked them to switch it to the correct one. Which they did. Now for the ethical dilemma, I opened a credit card to purchase it (because they were going to give me a discount on the mattress). This was like 4 months ago, and I have gotten 2 credit card bills both which show a CREDIT of $500, which is not how much the mattress was supposed to cost, I have no idea where that number came from. What do I do? I don't want to rip the store off, but I am worried that if I try to call them somehow they will end up charging me double or something after I sit on hold for who knows how long. And honestly I don't even know who to call, credit card? store? What do you think?

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    Call the credit card company and figure it out. Perhaps the $500 credit is the difference between the wrong mattress and the right one.. or other fees you may have paid. Definitely call and get it cleared. I'm super paranoid about my credit so any little discrepency has me breaking out the receipts and calculator. It doesn't help that I have a horrible memory. =\ GL!
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    If it was cash, I'd run away with it.
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    The only reason I would be worried and would call would be because they already had the mistake with the first mattress. You need to get it cleared.
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