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Advice on Favors

So... I was asking all of my married friends general advice on weddings.. what works, what doesn't, etc. A large majority have told me not to spend money on favors, no one remembers them and make a donation instead. I would have no problem with this, except, I loved my idea for favors and thought it would be something the guests would love. What I was thinking was having a photographer take a photo when the guests arrive of the couple or if the guest is a single (not many of those), they could take the picture with their friends. It would be set up in a scenic area of the reception, possibly overlooking the water. The favor would be a silver frame and at the end of the night, they would get the picture that was taken earlier to put in the frame. I know I would love this as a guest, but I guess the real question is, would everyone else? It certainly isn't a cheap favor, but can be done somewhat inexpensively. What do you think? Would you actually keep a favor like that?

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