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Honeymoon in Costa Rica?

We're staying at the Marriott Los Suenos hotel.  Any advice on what to do/where to eat while we're there?

Thanks :-)

Re: Honeymoon in Costa Rica?

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    i stayed just south of puntarenas on the west coast. not sure where your hotel is so i can'y give any recs.


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    Our resort is in Puntarenas :-)
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    Get the Frommer's guide for Costa Rica. You'll find everything you need, as well as information about the area you are staying in.
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    We are thinking about going to Costa Rica too, but we were looking at the Guanacaste area.  Recommendations for hotels and activities would be fantastic!
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    Frommer's guide, got it.  Time to read it, don't got it(yet!).

    I've heard conflicting info about 4 wheel drive down there.  We rented a less expensive car that's not 4 wheel drive.  We're somewhat limited on car rentals b/c I can't drive a manual and FI and I won't be see eachother long enough for me to learn between now and then.  Seriously, he's the only person I know with a manual...go figure.

    Resort is not all-inclusive b/c that's not our style.  They have packages to make it partially-inclusive(I think I just made up a word) but we really want to get out and do things. 

    We really want to do some white water rafting, zip-lining, sailing, snorkeling(FI can't dive b/c of his ears...I'm bummed about that b/c I'm a professional diver, maybe there's a combination tour?), horesback riding, national park exploring and a spa day.

    Are there any tour companies that any of you would highly suggest over others?

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    Cool, thanks!  We'll probably upgrade to an automatic 4X4.  There's no extra charge for another driver because we rent Avis through USAA so they eliminate that extra cost, at least in the States anyway.  He doesn't want to get a manual in the event something happens to him, like he falls down and breaks a leg and he can't drive.  Hopefully this won't happen but I think his logic is wise.

    We both have Garmins here.  Do you know if they'll work down there?  I think it's an extra $20 or $30/day to get one through a rental company...lame!
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    Thanks Spike!  FI is super happy you told me to upgrade, he wanted the SUV to begin with ;-)
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    Okay reservation adjusted.  The GPS IS only $10/day so I will talk to FI about adding that on and also research the garmin site.  Any advice on the different types of insurance?  USAA auto insurance won't cover us in CR, unfortunately.
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    Yep, sounds good.  My preferences for AVIS are set to decline insurance b/c I have insurance when renting in the states so I need to see if I can reset that.  It gives us the option to add on coverage when we get to the desk, which I was planning on doing but I'm curious if I can adjust my preferences...
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