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Florist mock-up and check...

We went today to see a mock-up of our centerpiece. It was amazing. He is going to have it filled with more limes and all the way to the top. It was very cool to actually see the vision come to life. My dad even stopped by and was amazed. They are so happy we are using Les Fleur D'Almir. Ota is wonderful to work with. He went over everything with us flower by flower. He is going with us to Gleneagles Oct. 16th to look at the venue and give some more input. Then we are going to Atlas to look at the chiavari chairs. They are running a special right now so we jumped on it. It makes sense for us since our reception chairs are oversized banquet chairs. They need special chair covers that can be more expensive. Then add on the sashes it can get expensive. Also, because they are bigger the ABSOLUTE most you can fit at a table is 10. So with the chiavari chairs we can fit more and maybe cut down on the number of tables. =) PIB under ceremony and reception of trials and the flowers we chose. Enjoy! zobo410 at yahoo for password if you don't have it.
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