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ugh! damn 123print.com!

So I designed an invitation magnet for a client of mine and it's bright and beautiful. When it got sent to me, they had printed it brown and dark and fuzzy! WTF?! So I calmly dialed the number and spoke with customer service and they assured me they would fix it and have it expedited at no extra charge. 2 days later we get them and they're perfect! Turns out we're 20 magnets short, so I replaced my order thinking nothing of it. The came back BLACK!!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! And now I can't even get anyone on the phone and no one is answering my emails. I'm trying to stay calm so my veins don't erupt like a volcano but this is ridiculous!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I'm never using 123print.com again!!
:: Lynette & PJ :: 1.22.11 :: For Sale ::
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