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Great job on the shoe purchase! You were smart to bite the bullet and buy them because certain CL styles come and go so fast and are hard to find. I wanted to share with you (and everyone) what the shoe salesgirl at Neimans told me. She said to go to Home Depot and buy carpet tape and use it in your shoes. She said it will keep the shoe from slipping and will not do any damage when you unpeel it. I'm planning on doing it in mine for my day. HTH and I looooove your Loubs!
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    Awww thanks Morgan! I kid you not, I just thought about your shoe purchase this morning, and how much I really wanted CL's for my wedding. I was telling my friend in NY and she suggested that site.  It's such a great check! I was really getting worried b/c I hadn't found any others that I liked, and I know those styles are very hard to find.  Also, I've heard that you can have a protective red sole put on them so they don't get messed up, but it sounds expensive.  Let me know how it goes with the carpet tape b/c I might do the same thing.
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