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Waikiki and Maui Help!

My fiance and I have already booked our honeymoon and now we are trying figure out which excursions/events we need to book ahead of time and where to book them. We are going to Waikiki for 7 days and Maui for 5 days.   Below are the things we want to do...if anyone has tips on where to book and when to book any of these things it would be greatly appreciated!!  :) 

Luau - Best one on Waikiki or Maui?
Snorkeling - When I was in St. Thomas my family took a 6 person sailboat out for the day.  The captain and first mate served us drinks, and made us lunch while we were snorkeling.  I loved that it was small and intimate.  Has anyone done this before on either of the islands?
LOST tour - a must for my fiance 
helicoptor ride - suggestions?  which island would be better to do this?
volcano at sunrise - again...suggestions?  are there multiple companies that do this?  I have heard of the trip where you go up in a van and come down on a bike...not sure if I am graceful enough to ride down a volcano on a bike...has anyone done any other options?

Thanks for any info you can offer to make our honeymoon great!  Neither of us have been to Hawaii so we appreciate advice. :) 
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