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DIY Stamped Napkins Question...

Ladies:For those of you who have done this, what ink did you use to ensure it didn't smear? I'm afraid to start this & end up with guests having black ink all over their hands.

Re: DIY Stamped Napkins Question...

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    I haven't personally done this but I did use an ink stamp to create a personalized note for guests and I will tell you this... baaaaadddd idea. The ink smeared all over the place if it was even slighty wet. You can imagine how it'd get with a drink napkin. I'm not sure they make a ink that's suitable for a stamp for this. HTH.
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    janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    I don't normally post on this board (I'm a NEFL knottie), but I came over here looking for something and saw your question and I know the answer.  You need to use Staz On ink.  It won't smear when it gets wet.  Hope this helps!
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    Kitty315Kitty315 member
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    ::butting in::Thanks for the tip Navy!
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