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We're booked for a cruise in Europe...suggestions welcome!

Hello Ladies,
  My FI and I have just booked a 7 day cruise through Europe.  We start in Barcelona, then go to Monaco, Rome, Livorno, Naples and Sisily.  We're going with Carnival cruises in the first week of July.
We've been looking at the different excursions and activities and we're a bit overwhelmed.  Has anyone got any suggestions for what we should do and where we should be putting our money?  We are on a budget and if we can save a few pennies here and there, we're all for it. 
Help ladies all suggestions are welcome!
Thanks in advance!
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Re: We're booked for a cruise in Europe...suggestions welcome!

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    Star Princess was nice...the ship is really nice!  Very clean...pretty well organized, except for the fact that galley is in the middle of the ship so some floors you cant walk straight down.  You have to go up or down the stairs and around and then back up or down!  Our room was nice.  It was a balcony...smaller than our carnival room but it had a HUGE balcony!  The food was good.  the buffet was nothing special and the food in the dining room was good but not as good as our last cruise.  Everyone on the ship was super nice and you will get to know the staff and crew if you go to a lot of the entertainment events!  They have lots to keep you busy on sea days (cooking demonstrations, ceramics at sea, etc.).  It was an amazing time on a really nice ship!  It feels big your first day there and then it will feel like home after the first few days.  We were on the Caribe deck, room 601.  Have a great time and enjoy it!

    OH!  You will be some of the youngest people on the ship!  There are a lot of older couples but they're so nice and friendly and fun to spend time with!  They joked it was like the geriatric ward!  There are a few old people who are pretty rude (at least for us it was that way!) and the Russians were particularly mean on our ship too.  It holds 2600, 1500 were US, 300 were russian, 300 were austrailian, very few brits for us.  The russians were the nastiest...didnt hold elevators, jumped in front of people, wouldnt converse with anyone but their party.  Just warning...people say the french are mean (which they werent mean in paris...in cannes they were a little meaner) but the russians were really mean on our ship.  Obviously that doesnt mean the same for your trip, but just a warning!  Here is a link to the pictures from just the ship:  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2432327&id=11314040&l=274cba364c
    At sea, heading to Lisbon, Portugal Anniversary
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