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Is it bad...

for me to swtich my photographer last minute even though I told one I wanted him and he sent me the contract and everything a couple of days ago. I haven't signed anything yet. :/

Re: Is it bad...

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    If you didnt sign anything and you changed your mind, its not bad at all.  We are all change our minds for one reason or another.  Im sure there is a reason why you want to switch photographers.  Just go with your instincts.
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    Photos are one of the most important parts of your day, they provide you with probably one of the longest lasting tangible mementos of your day. If you feel that you should change your photographer, and haven't signed anything yet, just let them know that you changed your mind, and you're sorry for the confusion. If you haven't signed anything, then you are not obligated to anything. Don't feel bad about changing your mind, do what you think is best!
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  • zobo410zobo410 member
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    You do what you want to do. Especially since no money was given yet! I think if you don't switch you will be regretting it and have some sort of animosity towards your current photog!
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  • avmn10avmn10 member
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    Absolutely not!  (I actually did that also).  Maybe take a few days to think about things, that way you are 100% certain when you sign a contract. Your pictures are going to be with you forever, so make sure you are happy with who you have chosen! 
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    Nope! Do it now! I changed after I had already put down 1000 bucks and I lost that money so do it before you sign anything or give any money!
  • faupandafaupanda member
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    I did the same thing, I was happy with one guys work, but it didn't wow me, it looked kind of like a yearbook deal... so I kept looking and came across another photog that was in our budget, and boy did we get our money worth!!! Originally the owner was supposed to shoot our day but he switched out a different photographer, she was amazing! She actually had worked for the company that was contracted with the Golf Club for weddings but had branched out on her own.  She did a GREAT job, knew the place back and front and was amazing! :)
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  • citytoshore09citytoshore09 member
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    i did the same thing - had a contract in hand but didn't feel great about it, and the photog wasn't answering my final questions. we found Andy @ Lux and i am grateful every day that we got someone so perfect for us!
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    I agree with the Above Posters.if you are not sure what to say or how to say it, just say that you appreciate their time and think they would do a great job but in the end you decided to go in another direction.They shouldn't ask you to elaborate and boom, it's over! Go with vendors you want. Don't settle!
  • tazdvl3tazdvl3 member
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    Do it! You'll regret it later.
  • bears4lifebears4life member
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    Thanks for reassuring me ladies. Much appreciated xx
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