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Superlatives - last week :)

If you haven't voted yet now if your time to do so! :)Next week I'll tally up the winners and they'll be announced at the November G2G![B]Wedding[/B]Best e-pics:Biggest Bridezilla: Best e-ring: Bride most likely to be drunk at her own wedding: Most likely to stalk her own a countdown:Best bio: Most indecisive bride: Most likely to just elope: Most Creative Bride (Theme/DIY/etc): Best proposal story:Bride who stalks her registry the most:Best wedding color:Most likely to renew her vows so she can plan another wedding: [B]Board Catagory:[/B]Person to most the most random topics: Most supportive:Most helpful to new Knotties:Biggest knottie post whore:Most likely to start drama:South Florida Peacemaker: Most likely to be on at 3AM:Most encouraging:Most likely to get kicked off TK for causing that drama:Most outgoing:Most sarcastic:Best sense of humor:"Miss Congeniality": [B]Silly Catagory:[/B] [I]Most likely to...[/I] get pregnant first:go cow tipping:fall UP the steps: keep someone company at the library: call/text someone in the middle of the night talk about thier Fiance: stare at themselves in the mirror: get drunk on 2 glasses of wine (Or hardly any alochol):look sexy first thing in the morning/when they wake up: quote "300": pee in a sink: be facebooking at work:wake up with a hangover and a new nickname:
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