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Hi Knotties, I just want give you a heads-up that I’ve been receiving more emails lately from real brides who have joined our community to post a review and were attacked for being a vendor. I know that we’ve had problems with actual vendors trying to post as brides (I’m working to help alleviate this as well and our mods to an awesome job), but at the same time we don’t want to scare off potential members and these brides who are trying to help. The reason that we’re seeing this more is because brides are becoming more accustomed to using community sites online (Yelp etc.) to give a single wedding vendor review or just a review of anything, even if it’s NWR. A good way to handle this if you are unsure is to respond with something like this: “Hey WinterBride, Congrats on your wedding! It sounds like you had an awesome photographer. I see that you’re new on The Knot Community, so I thought I’d give you a heads-up that most of the regulars post full vendor reviews after their wedding. We’d love to hear yours. Tell us about your florist, venue and dress when you can (point them to your bio if you have reviews there). Post pics too! Welcome and congrats!” Feel free to copy and paste my puppies and rainbows response above. My goal is to make this more of the normal response from all members. If it’s questionable, report it or send it to messageboards@theknot.com. Thanks so much, KA
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