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hey, you were saying you were thinking about switching from ashley to carmen? is there a reason, did something happen, or do you just like carmen's photos better? you can email me if you want. i haven't booked ashley yet but i sent my money to reserve the date and am meeting with her the 13th, and would like a heads up from people already using her. (and i've already gone through drama with a different photographer and would LOVE to avoid that again lol) TIAtaylorbrianne13 @ yahoo . com if you want to email me.

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    I'm sorry I wasn't around tonight. Nothing happened at all. But gosh... did you see Joet's photos? I mean, it just makes me ache and want photos JUST like this. So sorry I made you think that. I love Ashley but Carmen has a more dark/romantic style and the lighting pops right off the camera. Just spectacular but I have to admit, I am likely better siuted with Ashley b/c I am very down to earth and so is she.Keep with your decision for Ashley :)
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    lol dont feel bad for not being around, just wanted to post it while i was thinking about it - i knew you weren't ignoring me ;) i see what you mean about the two styles, and joet's photos DO look amazing. i don't think any bride on this board will end up with bad photos! i was just making sure nothing bad happened, because i already had a really hard time with a diff photog and really don't want to go through that again. but i get what you're saying, and i'm stoked to meet with ashley. thanks so much!!
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