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My invites are taunting me.

I finally took the time to unwrap them all count every last piece, RSVP card, envelope, rsvp envelope, yada yada etc to make sure the correct amount arrived (I know, I should have done that weeks ago). And now I am DYING to put them in the envelopes and MAIL THEM. OMG. they are taunting me right now. "HELLOOOO ALISSSSSSA, MAIL USSSS! WE WANT TO BE IN THE MAILBOXES OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY" That's what they would say if they could talk, I just know it. Anyone else sitting there with your invites ready to go? I feel like I need to take them to my mom's so I dont send them out in a moment of weakness!
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Re: My invites are taunting me.

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