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For those ladies that are using a mantilla and DON'T already have one as a family heirloom, are you buying or making it yourself, and if so, Where? and How?Thanks

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    Yes i need something as an heirloom. My mom never got married so i dont really have anything heirloom-y...im getting mine at Patrica South's ...she has sooo many different styles. Tell her Star sent you. the girls there are super nice. and honest.
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    Ladies I just realized my post isn't clear.  I don't mean a mantilla veil, but rather a mantilla during the church ceremony.
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    I bought mine b/c no one had it as an heirloom. I purchased it at Patricia South and had it custom made to be the exact fabric of my dress and to also go up in the middle, not just the edge. I paid a lot of money. It was like $450 (have the exact amount in bio). GL!
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