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hi ladies!  haven't had too much time to knot, and it's a part-time job just trying to get through all the posts!  i've been so behind on wedding plans, that i can't justify doing anything else... lol  congrats to everyone with checks, and to our knottie celebrities!  and vibes & prayers for those of you going through tough times  =/i'm not too much of a regular here, but i've gotten so much help and advice from this board that i have to let you guys know how things are going... so... i've had a few checks!  we just booked our honeymoon!  finally some relaxing to look forward to after the wedding  =)and we are 95% sure we'll be booking our venue today!  woohoo!and my bridesmaids are already asking for my invite list for the bridal shower, so i have to be extra thankful that they're on top of things.btw, if any of you were keeping track of my progress (lol) i actually had to cut my guest list down to about 130 (from 250!).  ladies, if any of you are considering cutting your list, i say go for it!  it freed us up a little financially, and we realized we'll be just as good with just family & really close friends there.  and those who you can't invite, when they care about you, they will still be happy for you and understand the financial situation.hth!

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