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AW: I finally found a dress!!! PIP

Ladies, I finally found THE ONE!!! After months of searching, I've decided on a dress! I'm sooooo excited! It's by Carolina Herrera, and it's the same one I saw in Orlando when my mom was in town. It goes perfectly with my shoes, my venue, and my entire vision! The pictures really do it NO justice b/c you can't see the details.  It's from her Fall 2009 collection, and these are all the pics they have so far, which are from a show at aTiffany New York.  The bow is not nearly as big on the actual dress, and there's this side sweep in the fabric at the front that you can't see.  The only holdup is that I haven't actually tried it b/c the sample is too small, so the CH store in Bal Harbour is trying to get on in my size.  I'm going to lie to my parents about the price and pay the difference between my original budget and the actual cost so they don't kill me! Thanks for letting me share![img]http://tinyurl.com/yfy94z4[/img][img]http://tinyurl.com/yzckuw3[/img]

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